ADC 5312 Proscope Dermascope

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At a glance: Includes ADC 5312-3 dermascope head, ADC 5260 C-cell battery-powered handle, ADC 5312-2 removable contact plate, Large knurled focusing ring, Soft synthetic rubber eyepiece, Nylon zippered pouch.


The ADC 5312 2.5v Dermascope Set is a compact, easy-to-use skin microscope for detecting and measuring skin lesions. Its many high-quality features make it comfortable, convenient, and accurate.

This set includes:

  • ADC 5312-3 dermascope head
  • ADC 5260 C-cell battery-powered handle
  • ADC 5312-2 removable contact plate
  • Large knurled focusing ring
  • Soft synthetic rubber eyepiece
  • Nylon zippered pouch


The dermascope's bright 2.5v Halogen illumination, 10x optic system, +/-5D focal range, and 25mm focal length ensure true tissue color and accurate identification. Its reticle contact plate etched onto the lens in millimeters permits easy measurement of suspicious lesions, and the removable contact plate is autoclavable for worry-free cleaning and sterilization.

Head and handle

The ADC 5312 2.5v Dermascope Set is convenient and simple to hold and use. It includes a large knurled focusing ring, comfortable soft synthetic rubber eyepiece to avoid eye injury and eyeglasses damage, and a knurled handle with rheostatic on/off switch for a positive, ambidextrous grip. The instrument head locks securely onto the battery-powered handle with a bayonet locking mount.


The entire set comes complete in a nylon zippered pouch that holds and protects the instrument and a spare contact plate. Its lifetime parts warranty to ensure your peace of mind, high-quality features, and portable and lightweight size make it a perfect choice for regular use.

The ADC 2.5v Dermascope features:

  • Bright 2.5v Halogen illumination and 10x optic system ensure true tissue color for accurate identification
  • Removable contact plate is auto-clavable
  • Large knurled focusing ring
  • Comfortable soft synthetic rubber eyepiece
  • Reticle contact plate etched onto the lens in millimeters permits easy measurement of suspicious lesions
  • Instrument head with Bayonet locking mount for secure connection to the battery handle
  • "C" cell powered battery handle with rheostatic on/off switch
  • Knurled handle for a positive grip
  • Complete with nylon zippered pouch that holds the instrument and spare contact plate
  • Inspected and packaged in the U.S.A. from foreign components
  • Batteries NOT included
Unit of Measure (UOM)Each
IncludesDermascope, Graduated Contact Plate, Carry Case
Country of OriginUnited States Of America
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