EarPopper® Ear Pressure Relief Device - Home Version

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The EarPopper® Ear Pressure Relief Device - Home Version

NOTE: Patients, please print out the medical authorization form and have your prescription faxed in toll free to 888-685-5455. Always consult your doctor before use.

EarPopper® Clear your ears so you can hear!

The EarPopper® Ear Pressure Relief Device is a safe, simple, non-surgical, non-drug related prescription device for treating such common conditions as Otitis Media with Effusion, Aerotitis/Barotitis (caused by rapid elevation changes), and Eustachain Tube Dysfunction in children and adults.

The EarPopper® balances pressure in the middle ear by delivering a safe, constant stream of air into the nasal cavity. During the moment of swallowing, the air opens the Eustachian Tube, clearing the middle ear, relieving negative ear pressure and allowing any fluids to drain. The Eustachian Tube (ET) is the body’s only mechanism for equalizing pressure and ventilating the space behind the eardrum (Middle Ear). The ET normally opens when you swallow or yawn. A normallyfunctioning ET keeps the middle ear ventilated and the pressure equalized.

When the ET doesn’t function normally, the middle ear becomes a closed, unbalanced space which forces uncomfortable pressure on the eardrum while affecting your hearing. This closed space cannot drain properly — resulting in fluid build up behind the eardrum.


  • Help treats ear problems caused by:
    • Flying
    • Scuba Diving
    • Allergies
    • Colds
    • And much more!

Insurance Reimbursement: The patient is responsible for purchasing the EarPopper. Claflin will not bill your insurance provider. It is then up to the patient to verify coverage by an insurer and to submit any insurance claims on their own.  Coverage depends on the individual patient's policy.

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