Health O Meter 245EHR- 3105 Digital Height Rod for 3105 Series of Scales

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The Health o meter® Professional digital 245EHR-3105 is an optional state-of-the-art digital height rod for the Antimicrobial 3105 series of scales. The market-leading height rod provides the most accurate height measurement in its class, with a graduation/resolution of 1mm/0.1” and a full measuring range of 11 ¾” – 79 ½” / 30cm – 202cm and a digital range of 3ft 11.2” – 6ft 7.5” / 120 cm – 202 cm.

The new accessory uses solid-state technology, which provides a facility confidence that a patient’s height will be measured accurately, and workflow will not be interrupted. The built-in reset feature increases accuracy and reliability, and the folding headpiece limits the height rod’s profile, providing safety to patients and caregivers.

The optional digital height rod has quick and easy to assemble brackets.

Proprietary technology eliminates mechanical sensors, reducing failures, increasing accuracy and reliability

Headpiece folds to limit height rod profile, provides safety to patients and caregivers

The most accurate digital height rod in its class with the graduation of 1mm / 0.1

Digital measurements on display can be verified on height rod markings

Bottom of height rod at zero level, ensuring accurate measurement every time

Additional Specifications:
  • Digital Height Range: 3ft 11.2” – 6ft 7.5” / 120 cm - 202 cm
  • Resolution: 1 mm / 0.1”
  • Mechanical Height Range: 11 ¾” – 79 ½” / 30cm – 202cm
  • Graduation: 1mm / 1/16 inch
  • Product Footprint with 3105KL-AM (height rod extended): 23 ¼” x 28” x 80” (591mm x 711mm x 2032mm)
  • Product Footprint with 3105KL-AM (height rod in home position): 23 ¼” x 28” x 52 ¼” (591mm x 711mm x 1327mm)
  • Product Weight with 3105KL-AM: 90 lb / 41 kg
  • Warranty: 2-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • 245EHR-3105 Compatible Scales
    • 3105KL-AM
    • 3105KG-AM
    • 3105KL-AM-BT
    • 3105KG-AM-BT
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