3B Scientific Full-Size Anatomical Skeleton

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  • The standard of quality for over 50 years
  • On a 5 ft roller stand
  • Affordable
  • Weighs 17 lbs
  • Max, The Muscle Skeleton
  • Depicts over 600 significant structures
  • On a 5 ft roller stand
  • Shows muscle origins in red and insertions in blue
  • Shows hand numbered bones, fissures, and foramina
  • Leo, The Ligament Skeleton
  • Has elastic ligaments
  • On a 5 ft roller stand
  • Representation of the structural integration between bones and ligaments
  • Limbs quick and easy to remove
  • Sam, The Super Skeleton
  • Over 600 hand numbered and identified details
  • On a 5 ft roller stand
  • Demonstrates movements of skulls and head joints
  • Fully flexible vertebral column
  • Muscle origins and insertions
  • Numbered bones and flexible joint ligaments
  • The Flexible Physiological Skeleton
  • Flexible assembly of all joints
  • On a hanging roller stand
  • Complex motion of upper extremity
  • Spine allows lateral inclination, flexion and extension, and rotation
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