Flexi-PAC Hot / Cold Compress

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This Skillbuilders Positioning Roll and Wedge Therapist Kits provides a convenient approach to positioning and patient support needs. Great for hospitals, clinics, and personal use, the Therapist Kit is crafted from high quality materials to ensure long life in all medical and clinical applications. Kits 1 and 2 each have one wedge, one roll, and one half roll of varied size. (See specs tab for details) Kit 3 includes 2 wedges, 2 rolls and one half roll. The Skillbuilders Therapist Kit is ideal for therapy, patient support, and rehabilitation treatment. The Skillbuilders Therapist Kits are proudly made in the USA.

Store one in the freezer to provide a penetrating cold therapy to help reduce swelling, relieve pain, and decrease muscle spasms associated with traumatic injury. An important step in the medical standard, R.I.C.E., cold therapy helps reduce swelling and promote healing by slowing cell metabolism and decay, ultimately allowing for speedier healing. Heat therapy is as easy as tossing one in the microwave. More effective for straining injuries such as muscle pulls and joint stiffness, heat therapy can help make muscles and joints more limber.

Reusable, the Flexi-PAC Hot and Cold Pack reduces waste and is cost effective. Available in a variety of sizes as well as individually or by the case, Flexi-PAC covers all your compress needs.

  • Non-toxic, flexible gel packs conform to any body contour at any temperature
  • Store in freezer to provide penetrating cold therapy
  • Microwave to provide soothing heat
  • Reusable
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