Roller Ice Massage Ball

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Tumble Forms designed the Carrie Seat with Footrest and Tray for the positioning, support, and transportation of children with physical disabilities or other special needs. The Carrie Seat can be used as a feeding or positioning seat, but also meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 for use as a car seat. Additionally, this version features a footrest for additional comfort and a tray for feeding and interactivity. The standard vehicle seat belt easily attaches to the Tumble Forms Seat for a secure hold. The 30-3311 (Medium) Seat is also approved for use on airplanes.

The Regular Massager has a rolling ball to smoothly move in any direction, cooling or heating skin, muscles, and deep tissue as it goes. The Roller Ice Ball provides targeted therapy directly where it is needed.

The Ice Massager is also available in an elongated bullet shape, without the rolling ball. This shape gives the Therapy Massager extra weight on a smaller point, ideal for trigger point therapy and for targeting specfic point of deep tissue for hot or cold therapy.

The soft bulb handle of the Hot / Cold Massager is ergonomic in design and firm to provide comfort in any of the massage positions. All versions of the Ice Roller will retain their temperature for an hour, allowing for extended massage therapy sessions. A neoprene cover is available to insulate the bulb, prolonging temperatures and protecting hands from cold - See accessories below. Roller Ice Massage Balls are proudly made in the USA.

  • Targeted cold or hot therapy
  • Stainless steel tip
  • Liquid reservoir transfers heat or cold to skin through metal
  • Firm, ergonomic bulb handle
  • Retains temperature for an hour
  • Regular model has rolling ball tip
  • Bullet model has additional weight and smaller point
  • Bullet is ideal for trigger point therapy
  • Optional insulating neoprene cover - See accessories below
  • Proudly made in the USA
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