Cando Adjustable Exercise Band Kit

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The Cando Upper Body Exerciser is ideal for hand and wrist exercise. This Twist-n-Bend 24 Inch Upper Body Exerciser provides a portable conditioning and training solution to arms and hands. The Cando Upper Body Exerciser is an easy to use, lightweight exerciser available in various resistance levels. The Twist-n-Bend Exerciser is ideal for any situation requiring rehabilitation across a range of ability levels.

Five different band kits are available: two with 2 bands; easy (model number 10-3233) and moderate (10-3234), one with 3 bands (10-3232), one with 4 bands (10-3231), and one with 5 (10-3230). The Bands are color-coded by resistance level.

  • Also includes 2 handles and an anchor strap
  • Hooks attach to D-ring and accessories
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 band kits
  • With exercise booklet
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