Thera-Band Exercise Band Set

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The Cando Adjustable Rectangle Rebounder, when combined with a medicine ball, is a great way to get strength-building exercise. The Rebounder is frequently used in physical therapy clinics but can also be ideal for everyday workouts. This Equipment takes the place of a workout partner for throwing and catching exercises.

The Yellow Exercise Band is extra light, red is light, green is medium, blue is heavy, and black is extra heavy resistance. 10-1036 is the light exercise band set with yellow, red, and green. 10-1037 is the heavy exercise band set with blue and black bands. The 10-1041 is the light latex free exercise band set including yellow, red, and green bands. The 10-1042 is the heavy latex free exercise band and includes blue and black theraband exercise band.

  • Includes Yellow, Red, and Green
  • Latex
  • 10-1036 and 10-1041 include yellow, red, and green
  • 10-1037 and 10-1042 includes blue and black
  • Ideal for strength training and rehabilitation
  • Color coordinated according to resistance
  • Available in latex and latex free
  • Each piece is 5 ft. in length
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