Welch Allyn Scale-Tronix 5127 Bariatric Portable Stand-On Scale - Discontinued

This product is discontinued.

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Hillrom/Welch Allyn is now part of Baxter Healthcare

This product has been discontinued. For information on a similar product or replacement please call us.

Welch Allyn Scale-Tronix 5127 Bariatric Portable Stand-On Scale

Scales designed for real hospital environments need to be accurate, long lasting and built for safety. Welch Allyn Scale-Tronix portable scales deliver all three. With their low-profile platforms designed to reduce fall risks, accurate readings that can help clinicians prescribe correct medication dosages and a variety of models for different patients, it’s easy to see why Scale-Tronix is a trusted brand for U.S. hospitals. The Scale-Tronix comprehensive line of portable scales is designed to support your wide-ranging patient population anywhere, anytime.

  • Low-profile, stable platforms help prevent falls.
  • Cordless, portable design supports mobility while maintaining balance.
  • Never needs zeroing, helping you weigh a continuous stream of patients.
  • Allow quick reweighs while patients are still on the scale.
  • Handrail helps unsteady patients without affecting readings.
  • Quick recall keeps the last reading, even after the patient has left the scale.
MPN Weight Printer / Data Port
5127-K-B KG Only Power Cord Adapter
5127-K-X KG Only Battery Powered
5127-X-B Standard Power Cord Adapter
5127-X-X Standard Battery Powered
Additional Specifications:
Resolution0.1 lb / 100 g
Platform Size17" (W) x 22" (D) x 1.25" (H)
DisplayLarge, bright light-emitting diode display
Country of OriginUnited States Of America
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