Wolf X-Ray Stainless Steel Illuminator Recess Kits for Trimline & Liberator X-Ray View Boxes

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Wolf X-Ray 21704S SS Recessing Kit for 4 in 1 Horizontal
SKU: CESS-722545-00004
MPN: 21704S
Wolf X-Ray 21733S SS Recessing Kit for 3 over 3
SKU: CESS-722545-00009
MPN: 21733S
Wolf X-Ray 21702S SS Recessing Kit for 2 in 1 Horizontal
SKU: CESS-722545-00002
MPN: 21702S
Wolf X-Ray 21711S SS Recessing Kit for 1 over 1
SKU: CESS-722545-00007
MPN: 21711S
Wolf X-Ray 21766S SS Recessing Kit for 6 over 6
SKU: CESS-722545-00012
MPN: 21766S
Wolf X-Ray 21705S SS Recessing Kit for 5 in 1 Horizontal
SKU: CESS-722545-00005
MPN: 21705S
Wolf X-Ray 21744S SS Recessing Kit for 4 over 4
SKU: CESS-722545-00010
MPN: 21744S
Wolf X-Ray 21703S SS Recessing Kit for 3 in 1 Horizontal
SKU: CESS-722545-00003
MPN: 21703S
Wolf X-Ray 21722S SS Recsssing Kit for 2 over 2
SKU: CESS-722545-00008
MPN: 21722S
Wolf X-Ray 21701S SS Recessing Kit for Single 14x17
SKU: CESS-722545-00001
MPN: 21701S
Wolf X-Ray 21706S SS Recsssing Kit for 6 in 1 Horizontal
SKU: CESS-722545-00006
MPN: 21706S
Wolf X-Ray 21755S SS Recessing Kit for 5 over 5
SKU: CESS-722545-00011
MPN: 21755S

Wolf X-Ray Stainless Steel Illuminators Recessing Kits for Trimline & Liberator View Boxes

Stainless Steel Recess Kits can be ordered for all Trimline and Liberator units. To order a stainless steel kit simply add an "S" to the desired kit number. (i.e. 21701S)

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