Wolf X-Ray Trimline III X-Ray View Boxes

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The Wolf Trimline Plus HiLo X-Ray Illuminators feature six 15W fluorescent bulb illumination per 14 x 17 inch viewing area with the ability to dim down to four bulbs. The HiLo Illuminator is adjustable at the push of a button, with 7250 Candela per square meter on high (6 bulbs) or 5150 Cd/m2 on low (4 bulbs). Due to increased amperage necessary to operate 4 and 6 bulb illuminators, the Trimline Plus HiLo should have dedicated electric power lines. The Trimline Plus HiLo X-Ray Illuminator is available in 1-bank through 6-bank horizontal units and 1-over-1 through 6-over-6 vertical units for a maximum viewing area of 84 x 34 inches.

The 6745 Baby Scale features a lock-in weight feature that compensates for infant movements when calculating weight. When finished, the scale locks the weight and visibly alerts the user that the infant can be removed. The Detecto Digital Baby Scale has a weight capacity of 30 lbs, and weight accuracy is calculated at a 0.1 ounce graduation. Acceleration of gravity can be accounted for, ensuring standard weight measurements regardless of geographic location. The angled tray is removable for easy cleaning, and safely locks into place for use. The baby scale tray also features a built-in 22 inch (56 cm) measuring tape.

Weight Boxes are offered with Hausmann's exclusive 5 day Quick Ship Guarantee. This guarantee promises that a maximum of three similar items will be shipped within 5 days of receipt of an approved order. Hausmann Weight Boxes are designed for use in physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics with an emphasis on physical conditioning and occupational therapy. Hausmann Products have been made with pride in the USA since 1955.

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The Relief Pak M-2 Hydrocollator Unit is a convenient system for storing and dispensing moist heat treatment packs. The Hydrocollator is easily rolled to where it is needed and does n

  • Viewing Area: 14 x 17 in
  • Size: 14 x 3.25 x 22 in
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Three 15W bulbs per 14 x 17 in viewing area
  • Provides 4000 nits (Candela per square meter)
  • Roller film grip
  • Includes E-Z Bar for wall mounting
  • Reflectors guarantee a diffused, evenly lit viewing area
  • Film activated auto switches
  • Cluster switches and a master switch on 2 over 2 units and up
  • 3 prong plug
  • 3.25 in cabinet constructed of steel with white enamel finish
  • Available in 12 sizes
  • Recess Kits available
  • Mobile or Stationary Desk Stands available
  • Proudly made in the USA
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