Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor

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The Connex Spot monitor can connect to other measuring instruments through optional wifi and offers SureBP technology that will measure blood pressure in 15 seconds.

Hillrom/Welch Allyn is now part of Baxter Healthcare

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The Connex® Spot Monitor features an easy-to-use, vivid touchscreen display and provides accurate vital signs measurement including blood pressure averaging, spot checking, interval monitoring and custom scoring across patient populations.

The device connects wirelessly to your EMR and accurately sends vitals to the patient chart from the point of care to help improve efficiency. It offers an upgradeable design and custom configurations including a choice of thermometry and/or pulse oximetry, connectivity and mounting/mobility options.

In addition, the new Accessory Power Management Stand with WhisperDrive™ technology features additional power backup, providing up to 17 hours of on-time, alleviating the need to charge the monitor as frequently.


  • Best-in-class accuracy and performance for neonate through adult patients
  • SureBP technology provides BP in only 15-seconds - 3X faster than competitors
  • Blood pressure averaging to help ensure accurate hypertension diagnosis
  • Connex Scoring App on-device calculator for custom protocols like NEWS, MEWS
  • Allows clinician to safely leave room while BP averaging is running
  • Choice of leading SpO2 technologies: Masimo®, Nellcor® or Nonin®
  • Partnerships with more than 90 leading EMRs including Epic and Cerner
  • Mobile stand option incl. work surface w/integrated battery for extended usage


Part Number Model Type Thermometer Pulse Oximeter
71WE-B Base Model Braun Pro 6000 Nonin SpO2
73WE-B Bluetooth Enabled Braun Pro 6000 Nonin SpO2
74WE-B Wifi Ready Braun Pro 6000 Nonin SpO2
75WE-B Wifi Built-In Braun Pro 6000 Nonin SpO2
71CE-B Base Model Braun Pro 6000 Nellcor SpO2
73CE-B Bluetooth Enabled Braun Pro 6000 Nellcor SpO2
74CE-B Wifi Ready Braun Pro 6000 Nellcor SpO2
75CE-B Wifi Built-In Braun Pro 6000 Nellcor SpO2
71ME-B Base Model Braun Pro 6000 Masimo SpO2
73ME-B Bluetooth Enabled Braun Pro 6000 Masimo SpO2
74ME-B Wifi Ready Braun Pro 6000 Masimo SpO2
75ME-B Wifi Built-In Braun Pro 6000 Masimo SpO2
71WX-B Base Model No Thermometer Nonin SpO2
73WX-B Bluetooth Enabled No Thermometer Nonin SpO2
74WX-B Wifi Ready No Thermometer Nonin SpO2
75WX-B Wifi Built-In No Thermometer Nonin SpO2
71CX-B Base Model No Thermometer Nellcor SpO2
73CX-B Bluetooth Enabled No Thermometer Nellcor SpO2
74CX-B Wifi Ready No Thermometer Nellcor SpO2
75CX-B Wifi Built-In No Thermometer Nellcor SpO2
71MX-B Base Model No Thermometer Masimo SpO2
73MX-B Bluetooth Enabled No Thermometer Masimo SpO2
74MX-B Wifi Ready No Thermometer Masimo SpO2
75MX-B Wifi Built-In No Thermometer Masimo SpO2
71WT-B Base Model SureTemp Nonin SpO2
73WT-B Bluetooth Enabled SureTemp Nonin SpO2
74WT-B Wifi Ready SureTemp Nonin SpO2
75WT-B Wifi Built-In SureTemp Nonin SpO2
71CT-B Base Model SureTemp Nellcor SpO2
73CT-B Bluetooth Enabled SureTemp Nellcor SpO2
74CT-B Wifi Ready SureTemp Nellcor SpO2
75CT-B Wifi Built-In SureTemp Nellcor SpO2
71MT-B Base Model SureTemp Masimo SpO2
73MT-B Bluetooth Enabled SureTemp Masimo SpO2
74MT-B Wifi Ready SureTemp Masimo SpO2
75MT-B Wifi Built-In SureTemp Masimo SpO2
Manufacturer Hillrom
Warranty 2 Years
Excludes Wifi Ready model requires upgrade to be wifi enabled
Compatible With EMR/EHR
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