Wolf X-Ray Elite Cassette Markers

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SKU : CQ660826300
Features Included: Customize markers with additional letters, Letters are made out of high-density lead, Constructed of folded aluminum
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Wolf X-Ray Markers are color coded: R-Red/L-Blue and feature encased high density lead letters in aluminum casing for durability. Available with or without initials or numbers. Markers are sealed and words are formed from individual letters. Arrow markers to easily determine things such as which side of the body is being viewed.

  • Customize markers with additional letters
  • Letters are made out of high-density lead
  • Constructed of folded aluminum
  • Various sized characters
  • Product Type: X-Ray Marker Set
  • Color: Blue/Red
  • Number Per Pack: 1 Set
  • Style: 0.625" with 2 Inits 0.375" or 3 Inits 0.25"
  • Used For: Elite Cassette Marker
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