Smart Caregiver 433-EC Economy CordLess Alarm Systems

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The Smart Caregiver 433-EC Economy CordLess Alarm Systems are designed as economical start-up packages for caregivers in smaller facilities or homes. Available in complete packages with either CordLess Bed Pads or a Chair Pad, the Central Monitor Systems can be configured with additional components (up to 6 total) for added utility. The 433-EC Monitor is economical and easy to set up and use. When the Fall Alarm receives an alarm signal from one of its components, a bright blinking light and alert tone will activate. The Wireless Nurse Call Monitor features adjustable volume levels and can be set to either a siren or chime tone. For a quieter resident environment, the CordLess Central Monitor can be placed outside of the room or away from the bed.The Smart Wireless Call System functions cordlessly with the included bed or chair pads, eliminating the risk of tripping or entanglement. The pads will activate an alarm signal as soon as residents remove their weight from the pad, either by falling or by getting up to wander. In either case, the caregiver will be alerted to assist quickly. The Central Alarm can receive alarm signals from additional CordLess components, 433 accessories (See accessories below) or from the TL-2016R3. Corded Fall Monitors, if equipped with a 433-NCA Adapter, can also send wireless signals to the 433-EC - See related products below.

    • 443-EC Economy CordLess Monitor
    • GBT-RI Bed Pad
    • Compatible with CordLess pads and TL-2016R3
    • 433-NCA (ACCESSORIES Tab) allows use with corded fall monitors (RELATED PRODUCTS Tab)
    • Additional component accessories are available
    • Monitors up to six components
    • Audible alarm and bright light when components are triggered
    • Adjustable volume and choice of siren or chime tones
    • Can be placed outside of room for quieter setting
    • Easy to set up and operate
Alarm Pad Features
  • Alarm activates when resident removes weight from pad
  • Wirelessly signals alarm monitor
  • No cords to trip or entangle
  • Soft, moisture-resistant vinyl
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