Smart Caregiver Fall Safety Mats and Safety Cushions

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Brewer Design Adjustable Polyurethane Lab Stools with Tilt are heavy-duty stools with weight capacities of 250 lbs. The polyurethane seats and backs of the Task Chairs are resistant to punctures, stains, water, grease, and chemicals, making these Brewer Design Chairs ideal for laboratory or industrial settings. Designed for the comfort of those who may be seated for long periods of time, the Industrial Stools feature contoured backrests and waterfall seats, seat tilt mechanisms, and optional armrests. The seat is synchronized with the backrest as it tilts, so that full back support is provided as the seat moves. To comply with FMVSS 302, the Task Series Stools are flame-retardant.

The Smart Caregiver Fall Mat is placed on the floor next to a bed to protect against injuries from falling out of bed. The 2-inch thick, dual-density foam absorbs the energy of impact and distributes weight evenly across its surface. The WC-01 is divided into three sections for ease of transport and storage. The Floor Cushion is 36 by 68 inches, providing a large platform for residents to land on. To reduce the risk of tripping and to increase wheelchair mobility, the Fall Mat features beveled edges.

The Wheelchair Pad serves to provide greater comfort and support to residents, while also reducing the risk of falls. The Chair Cushion can be used on wheelchairs, recliners, seats, or any kind of chair with an 18 by 16 inch seat. The 2-inch thick, dual-density foam provides simultaneous padding and support to residents, increasing their comfort as it improves their positioning and posture. The CC-01 also prevents residents from slipping out of their chairs.

WC-04 Bed Wedges prevent residents from falling from bed or from being caught against bed railings. The Bed Wedge also helps to position patients more comfortably in their beds. The Bed Safety Wedge measures 28 by 10.5 inches, suitable for any size bed or patient.

  • Dimensions: 28 x 10.5 in LxW
  • Place on floor by bedside for protection from falls
  • Foldable for transport and storage
  • Constructed from two densities of foam to absorb and distribute weight
  • Easy-to-clean removable PVC cover
  • Beveled edges for easier wheelchair mobility and fall reduction
  • Chair Cushion
  • Reduces the risk of slipping and falling out of chair
  • Provides support for better posture and cushioning for comfort
  • For use in wheelchairs, seats, or recliners
  • Constructed from two densities of foam to absorb impact and distribute weight
  • Easy-to-clean removable PVC cover
  • Bed Wedge
  • Prevents residents from rolling out of bed
  • Positions residents for better sleeping
  • Soft material for comfort
  • Easy-to-clean removable PVC cover
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