Smart Caregiver FallGuard TL-2100E Economy Monitoring Systems

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Cando Exercise Tubing features foam covered plastic handles for comfort and firm grip. The Cando Tubing is made with high quality latex tubing making it ideal for upper and lower body exercises. Cando Fitness Tubing is available in seven color coded resistance levels in 18, 36, and 48 inch lengths. The Sets of 5 include one of each: yellow, red, green, blue, and black. Workout Tubing is ideal for personal and clinical use.

The alarm reset button also includes a status light that blinks every four seconds to indicate that the Elderly Alarm System is functioning. In addition, the TL-2100E Economy Monitor features a pad lost and low battery light to ensure the system continues to function seamlessly by indicating the condition of both the Alert System and attached accessory. The Economy Monitor can be powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), or an AC adapter can be purchased (See accessories below).

The TL-2100E Fall Monitor is available with many components. Seat Belt Alarms attach to wheelchairs and provide an early warning when residents unfasten the belts to leave the chair. Bed and Chair Pads are placed underneath residents to monitor when they get up or fall. When pressure is removed from the Chair and Bed Pads, the alarm triggers. The alarm will automatically reset if weight is returned to the pad. Floor Mat Alarms are positioned next to beds or wherever falls are likely and trigger an alarm when pressure is placed on them. Landing Mats work in a similar fashion, but also feature a 1-in thick padded surface to protect against fall injuries.

Designed with safety in mind, the FallGuard Economy Fall Monitoring System provides an early warning system that works seamlessly with the 433-CMU, 433-EC, or 433-SYS Central Monitors - See related products below through the use of the 433-NCA Wireless Adapter (See accessories below). The TL-2100E can also be configured with a pager using the TL-5102TPM. Multiple mounting options are available in the See accessories below.

  • TL-2100E Economy Fall Monitor
  • LM-01 Landing Mat
  • Pad lost technology informs caregivers if a pad becomes disconnected or stops working
  • Full range adjustable volume with optional chime alert
  • Status light flashes every four seconds when in use
  • On/Off switch silences alarm
  • Low battery light
  • 433-NCA Adapter (ACCESSORIES Tab), connects to 433-CMU or 433-EC (RELATED PRODUCTS Tab)
  • Bed and Chair Pad Features
  • Chair pads feature coiled cords to keep free from chair mechanisms and resident
  • Bed pads feature SafeTRelease cords for quick release to avoid tripping or entanglement
  • Alarm is triggered when pressure source is removed
  • Easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant vinyl
  • Seat Belt Alarm Features
  • Adjustable between 20 and 54 in
  • Alarm is triggered when belt is undone
  • Early warning belts are non-restraintive
  • Choice of buckle release or strap release
  • Easy to install and use
  • Floor Mat Features
  • Alarm is triggered when pressure is placed on mat
  • Gray vinyl construction
  • Placed next to bed or wherever falls are likely
  • Landing Mat Features
  • Alarm is triggered when pressure is placed on mat
  • 1-inch thick, padded mat prevents injuries from falls
  • Anti-slip texture and beveled edges reduce tripping risks
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