Smart Caregiver TL-2100B FallGuard Basic Fall Monitor Systems

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The Cando BowTie Tubing Exerciser provides a convenient and disposable solution to conditioning and training. Compact and portable, the BowTie Exerciser is more convenient than many traditional substitutes. BowTie Tubing Exercisers are available in 14, 22 and 30 inch lengths. Each exerciser is made with high quality latex tubing and has two durable foam covered handles for comfort and a firm grip. This Resistance Tubing Device is ideal for any exercise facility, physical therapy center, or personal home environment.

There are a number of alarm components available in packaged systems to alert caregivers in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of your facility. The BSB90-SYS and BSB90V-SYS include seat belt alarms, either with a buckle or hook and loop fastener. If residents disengage a belt, an alarm triggers at the monitor. The BC1-SYS includes a chair pad, while the BBR1-SYS and BBW1-SYS include bed pads. Both bed and chair pad alarms activate when a resident removes their weight from a pad, but will automatically reset if the resident returns to their pad. The BFM5-SYS, BFM7-SYS, and BLM1-SYS Fall Monitoring Systems feature floor pads, which alarm when they sense weight. In addition, The BLM1-SYS is soft and cushioned to function as a Fall Cushion for residents.

  • TL-2100B Basic Fall Monitor
  • PPB-RI Bed Pad
  • Economical price with basic features
  • Audible alarm when components are triggered
  • Large reset button stops alarm
  • Status light alerts caregiver if connection to component becomes lost
  • Warning light activates when batteries are low
  • Adjustable volume
  • 433-NCA (ACCESSORIES Tab) allows use with 433-CMU and 433-EC (RELATED PRODUCTS Tab)
  • Integrated strain relief to prevent accidental damage to cords when pulled
  • Bed and Chair Pad Features
  • Alarm activates when resident removes weight from pad
  • Alarm automatically resets if resident reapplies weight to pad
  • Breakaway cords on bed pads and coiled cords on chair pads
  • Several sizes to fit beds, chairs, or wheelchairs
  • Floor Mat Features
  • Alarm activates when resident places weight on mat
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Landing Mat Features
  • Soft mat cushions falls
  • Anti-slip surface and beveled edges reduces risk of tripping
  • Alarm activates when resident places weight on mat
  • Seat Belt Alarm Features
  • Non-restraining belts with easy-to-release buckles
  • Alarm activates when resident releases buckle
  • Belt straps to wheelchair
  • Adjustable lengths
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