Smart Caregiver TL-2100G FallGuard CordLess Monitoring Systems

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Core Products BRE-6858 Swede-O® Thermal Vent® Universal Wrist Wrap with Pad is perfect for people with strained, weak, or aching wrists. By providing compression and support, the Wrist Support helps to reduce pain and swelling. A removable pad inside the Wrist Wrap Support cushions the wrist and keeps the it slightly elevated allowing it to rest. The Wrist Support Wrap supports full use of the fingers and has an adjustable closure that allows for easy application.

A combined reset and status button will reset the Pressure Pads and display their status. TamperProof mode locks the reset function except for caregiver with the included magnetic key. As long as the Fall Monitor System is in working order, the status light will blink every four seconds. In addition, the TL-2100G CordLess Monitor features a pad lost and low battery light to ensure the system continues to function seamlessly by indicating functionality of both Alarm System and attached component. See accessories below for a variety of accessories that will add utility to the Fall Prevention Monitor.

Bed Pads, Chair Pads, Floor Mats, and Landing Pads are easy to program and are triggered by patient falls and wandering. All components communicate wirelessly with the Fall Monitor, eliminating tripping risks from cords. Bed and Chair Pads are placed under residents, are triggered when weight is removed form the pad, and will automatically reset if weight is re-applied to them. Bed and Chair Mats are available with 45-day, 90-day, or 1-year warranty periods for different kinds of facilities. Floor Mats trigger an alarm if pressure is applied to them, whether from a resident falling or getting up to wander. Landing Mats also alarm when pressure is placed on them, but are designed to cushion residents from falls with a 1-inch thick, soft pad.

  • TL-2100G CordLess Monitor
  • GBT-RI CordLess Bed Pressure Pad
  • Works up to 15 ft away from components
  • Monitor can be mounted outside patient's room for easier access
  • Can use two pads simultaneously with a single monitor
  • Monitor is compatible with CordLess components
  • Caregiver Key Mode ensures a tamper proof reset function
  • Visual and audible alarm when component is triggered
  • Reset/Status, Pad Lost, and Low Battery Light provides visual context for seamless functioning
  • 0-2 second delay allows patient to reposition without triggering monitor
  • Adjustable volume and three tone options
  • CordLess Bed and Chair Pad Features
  • Available with 45-day, 90-day, or 1-year warranty periods
  • Choice of one or two pads included with system
  • Alarm is triggered when pressure source is removed
  • Alarm resets if pressure is re-applied
  • Easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant vinyl
  • No cords to trip or entangle
  • CordLess Floor Mat Features
  • Alarm triggers if pressure is placed on mat
  • CordLess design eliminates tripping hazards
  • Place next to bedsides or wherever falls are likely
  • CordLess Landing Mat Features
  • Alarm triggers if pressure is placed on mat
  • 1-inch thick padding protects against fall injuries
  • Woven non-slip texture and beveled edges prevent tripping
  • CordLess communication with monitor eliminates risk of entanglement or falls
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