Smart Caregiver TL-2100S FallGuard Safety Auto-Reset Monitor System

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The TL-2100S has a single control, a reset button that allows a caregiver to quickly restart the system. This button can be locked in Caregiver Key Mode, restricting restart access to caregivers with a specialized key. A blinking status light around the button indicates that the TL-2100S Monitor is working. Two secondary lights warn of low battery and of a damaged or disconnected component. Settings on the back include a volume control, a tone control, and a 0-2 alarm delay, allowing residents to reposition on bed and chair pads without setting off the alarm. A side port fits the 433-NCA Nurse Call Adapter (See accessories below), allowing the Emergency Alarm to communicate with a central monitoring unit - See related products below.

There are a number of alarm components available with the Alarm Monitor Systems. Bed and Chair Pads monitor the pressure of the resident sitting on them and alarm if the resident gets up to leave. If the resident returns their weight to the Alarm Pad, then the alarm will automatically reset. Bed Pads feature breakaway cords to prevent damage from straining cords and Chair Pads feature coiled cords to prevent entanglement. Floor Mats trigger an alarm when weight is placed on them, indicating a fallen or wandering patient. The Fall Landing Mat is a 1-inch thick, padded mat that prevents injuries from falls, and alerts caregivers when weight is placed on it. The beveled edges and non-slip surface prevent tripping. Seat Belt Alarms fasten around the laps of residents and alarm if residents unfasten the clasp to get up and wander.

  • Tl-2100S Auto-Reset Monitor
  • PPB-RI Bed Pad
  • Alerts caregiver if resident falls or gets up to wander
  • Visual and audible alarm at monitor when component is triggered
  • System is always on, cannot be tampered with or turned off
  • Simple reset button allows caregiver to quickly restart system
  • TamperProof Caregiver Key controls access to Reset button
  • 0-2 second alarm delay to allow repositioning without triggering alarm
  • Choice of alarm tone
  • Volume control
  • Status light blinks while system is operational
  • Low battery and pad lost warning lights
  • Compatible with 433-CMU or 433-EC (RELATED PRODUCTS) using 433-NCA Adapter (ACCESSORIES)
  • Powered by (3) AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter
  • Bed and Chair Pad Features
  • Alarm triggers if resident removed weight from pad
  • Alarm is automatically reset when patient returns pressure to pad
  • Bed pads have SafeTRelease cords
  • Chair pad has compact, coiled cord
  • Soft, moisture-resistant vinyl
  • Landing Mat Features
  • Alarm triggers if pressure is placed on mat
  • Soft, 1-inch thick padding to cushion resident falls
  • Beveled edges and anti-slip surface prevent tripping
  • Alarm Belt Features
  • Alarm triggers when resident unfastens buckle or strap
  • Attaches to wheelchair
  • Adjustable length
  • Does not restrain residents
  • Floor Mat Features
  • Alarm triggers if weight is placed on mat
  • Available in 36-inch or 48-inch lengths
  • SafeTRelease cords disconnect when pulled, reducing risk of tripping and entanglement
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