Medical Equipment Buyback Services

Turn Your Unused Equipment into Money

CME offers a nationwide equipment buyback program that can free up space, help you save monthly storage fees, and monetize old assets that are gathering dust. We make offers on various types of equipment, from Autoclaves to Ventilators. We offer a transparent appraisal process, with free and fair market cash offerings on your old equipment. For over 30 years, CME’s approach to hospital supply chain management has been to simplify the equipment purchasing process and eliminate the pain points facilities face in upgrading and purchasing medical equipment. Cost containment is part of that approach, while our buyback program is a continuation of our end-to-end service offerings.



With our trade-in program, CME can help you stretch your budget further. Trading in unwanted equipment is a cost-efficient way to take advantage of more of CME’s turnkey services, taking the stress out of equipment delivery management.


Cash or trade, let our team uninstall and remove your old equipment. CME will coordinate and follow green initiatives designed to keep your facility protected and compliant through proper removal processes.

Refurbished Equipment

CME offers used and refurbished equipment. Our inventory is continually changing. Visit our used equipment page for current offerings.

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Building a new operating room is a complex process that involves balancing needs of facility staff with construction costs, while also looking forward to future healthcare trends.

Building A Better Hospital

As medical facilities age, more and more healthcare facility managers are focused on improving their spaces to keep up with practice advancements and create an optimal environment for patients.