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Features include: USB connection, LCD temperature display, reliable logging, visual alarm indicator, built-in NTC thermistor, 32,000 point data recording capacity, 3.6V lithium battery for extended life, and versatile software to accommodate any workplace. 

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The DLSA11 is a standalone temperature logger ideal for use when transporting items that need to be monitored. The compact size makes it easy to place in the logged area without compromising storage capacity. The logger includes an LCD screen with a digital display of the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree, as recommended by the CDC for vaccine storage. You can also view the highest and lowest temperature during the recording period, as well as the average temperature and mean kinetic temperature (a simplified way of showing the overall effect of temperature fluctuation during the recording period). This unit includes a protective transparent case that allows you to view the data without disrupting recording. The DLSA11 is available in both calibrated and uncalibrated versions. The DLSA11CAL is calibrated to NIST standards in Accucold’s ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory. It ships with a calibration certificate for your facility’s records.

NOTE: Due to the process of calibration, there is a one week lead time on calibrated orders.

Designed for use with Windows-based platforms, the DLSA11 includes downloadable software that is easy to program to your specific needs. Users can set the recording interval from every 10 seconds to 24 hours and specify whether to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Users can also choose to set a minimum/maximum temperature alarm that will show a visual indicator alert if the temperature goes out of range. These readings will be color-coded in the data exports for easy analysis. The logger offers an accuracy range of .5ºC in the temperature range of -20 to 40ºC, and 1ºC outside of this range. It records all data to the internal USB drive and can hold up to 32,000 readings. When you're ready to view your data, simply plug your logger into your computer and open the software in Excel, Adobe Illustrator, or PDF format. From there, you can easily view and export the data in graphical or tabular form. Logging software is included in the downloads on this page.

This portable logger is powered by a replaceable lithium battery. The LCD screen will display a low battery alert as a warning. While battery life varies according to usage, the DLSA11’s battery is generally specified for 12 months when used to record in 15 minute intervals at an average temperature of 25ºC.

Reliable logging: Accurate within .5ºC in a -20 to 40ºC range (accuracy in other ranges is 1ºC)
User-set logging interval: Users can program the timing interval for data logging
USB connection: Data logger includes integrated USB drive that lets you plug the whole logger into your computer's USB port for easy analysis
Versatile software: Allows you to view the data in Excel, Adobe Illustrator, or PDF
Temperature display: LCD screen displays the current and high/low temperatures, as well as the average temperature and Mean Kinetic Temperature to show the overall effect of temperature fluctuations during the recording period
Displays Celsius or Fahrenheit: Users can set their preference through the software before using the logger
Visual alarm indicator: If setting high/low temperature parameters, the LCD display will show an "x" to communicate that the temperature is out of range. Out of range recordings will be color-coded in the exported report
Compact size: Portable design lets you place the logger virtually anywhere for convenient logging
Large recording capacity: Logger can store up to 32,000 data points
Transparent cover: Clear cap allows you to easily view the data without disrupting the recording
Built-in NTC thermistor: Internal sensor records temperature straight to the data logger for easy viewing when inserted in your computer's USB port
Battery-powered: Includes a replaceable 3.6V lithium battery. Battery life varies depending on recording parameters, but is specified at 12 months+ when used at 25ºC to record in 15 minute intervals
Low battery alert: Battery symbol flashes on the LCD screen when battery needs to be replaced


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