Summit PHC101G Full Length Stainless Steel 24" Wide Blanket Warmer - Discontinued

This product is discontinued.

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This product has been discontinued. For information on a similar product or replacement please call us.

The blanket warmer is an upright single chamber blanket warmer. The self-closing double pane tempered glass door ensures your staff can quickly check inventory with a display that goes down to the floor. The interior is constructed from stainless steel to ensure easy cleanup and long-lasting durability. Sized with a 24" footprint, this unit takes up little space but can accommodate up to 12.6 cu.ft. It features a fully finished cabinet in black.

Inside, the blanket warmer is designed to operate between 120º and 150ºF with a foamed-in-place cabinet to ensure efficient insulation. This unit is featured with a digital thermostat that includes a large LED temperature readout to keep you easily informed of the interior conditions. Adjustable cantilevered shelving allows you to rearrange the interior to your preferred configuration.

The blanket warmer includes a factory installed lock on the stainless steel trimmed door. We offer an optional dolly (DollyPHC) specially designed for this unit to allow for easier mobility and cleanup.

With its conveniently slim dimensions and user-friendly features, the blanket warmer is a great way to keep blankets properly cared for in hospitals, medical offices, fitness centers, and other facilities.


Digital thermostat:

Electronic controls are conveniently located for easy temperature adjustment.

Electronic readout:

Large LED temperature display ensures your staff can easily monitor the interior temperature.

120 to 150ºF Temperature Range:

Designed and set for hospital blankets.

Double pane tempered glass door:

Heat-safe glass door offers a full view of stored contents, with a stainless steel door trim to highlight the interior.

Professional handle:

Stainless steel handle completes the professional look.

Cantilevered shelving system:

Easily adjustable to accommodate virtually any size.

Stainless steel interior:

Interior walls are constructed from stainless steel to ensure lasting durability and easy cleaning.

Factory installed lock:

Keyed lock for a secure interior.

Self-closing door:

Door is equipped with self-closing mechanism and magnetic gaskets to prevent heat loss.

Foamed-in-place cabinet:

Quality design ensures efficiently insulated interior.

Full capacity:

12.6 cu.ft. interior in a slim-fitting 24" footprint.

Magnetic door gaskets:

Quality door gaskets ensure a tight seal for energy savings and improved performance.

Fan-assisted heating:

Interior blower ensures cabinet is evenly heated from top to bottom.

Optional dolly:

Specially designed for PureTherm blanket warmers, DOLLYPHC features four locking casters and stainless steel construction for durability and easy mobility.

Fully finished cabinet:

Allows the unit to be used freestanding.

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