Transmotion TMM5 PLUS Surgical Stretcher-Chair

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Features include: Chair has multi-layer foam cushions and Push button pendant, Electro-static discharge (esd) steering caster and central-locking brake.
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The versatility of TransMotion's TMM5 PLUS Surgical Stretcher-Chair enables facilities to streamline the treatment process and surgical flow by replacing multiple pieces of equipment with a single device. Innovative, powered patient positioning helps reduce patient transfers, limiting the risk of injury to patients and staff while improving throughput. The TMM5 PLUS is a procedure chair, transport device and stretcher all in one!.


Space-saving Footprint:

In the seated position, the TMM5 PLUS requires half the space of a traditional stretcher and is easy to navigate through hallways, rooms, elevators and other close quarters. Its small footprint frees-up floor space so more units can be available for patients as well as enabling more efficient storage.

Articulating Headpiece:

Adjustability Clinicians Demand, Comfort Patients Deserve The low-profile, dual articulating headrest provides precise positioning from 30° (fully extended) to 60° (fully retracted). Additionally, the headpiece can be raised up to 3.5" or lowered to 0.9".

Side Rail - Lowering/raising:

Lowering the Side Rail:

Grasp the top of the side rail and push slightly inward while pulling out the Red release tab at the bottom of the rail.

Stowing the Side Rail:

Lower the rail into the down position.

Raising the Side Rail:

Lift the side rail until it is in the up position. The Red release tab will engage (lock) automatically.

After raising, pull on side rail to ensure it is securely locked.

Back Section Quick Release:


The (Red) quick release lever is located under the seat on the patient’s right side.

Activating the Quick Release:

Pull the Red lever out towards the side rail. When weight is applied, the back section will drop until the lever is released.

Intended for EMERGENCY purposes ONLY.

Caster Brake Operation:

Brake Mode:

Activate the braking system by pressing down on the red end of either brake pedal.

This mode prevents all four casters from swiveling and all four wheels from spinning.

Neutral Mode:

Activate the neutral mode by placing either brake pedal into a horizontal orientation.

This mode allows all four casters to swivel and all four wheels to spin freely.

Steer Mode:

Activate the steer-locking system by pressing down on the green end of either brake pedal.

This mode locks front right caster parallel to the base but allows the other three casters to swivel and all four wheels to spin freely.

Eight Button Pendant:

Pendant Storage:

To prevent damage, the pendant may be stored at various locations on the chair when not in use.


Back Adjustment:

The first row of buttons controls the angle of the back section. Press the left button to raise the chair back. Press the right button to lower the chair back.

Leg Adjustment:

The second row of buttons controls the angle of the leg section. Press the left button to raise the leg section. Press the right button to lower the leg section.

Seat Height Adjustment:

The third row of buttons controls the seat height. Press the left button to raise the seat. Press the right button to lower the seat.

Auto-Contour Adjustment:

The fourth row of buttons controls the simultaneous actuation of the leg and back sections. Press the left button to place the chair in a stretcher position. Press the right button to place the unit into the chair position.

Push Bar Operation:

Lowering the Push Bar:

Grasp the push bar handle while pulling out the Red release knob and lower the push bar.

Raising the Push Bar:

Lift up on the push bar handle until the Red release knob engages (locks).

Auto-extending Footrest:

Storing the Footrest:

Lift the end of the footrest until it engages in the stored, upright position. The footrest should be stored in this position when not being used.

Lowering the Footrest:

Push down on the footrest to lower for use.

Do not stand or sit on foot rest

"B" Options: Battery Pack:

Removing Battery Pack From Chair:

Grasp integrated handle on battery pack and lift up until cam locks disengage. Pull battery away from mounting bracket.

Installing Battery Pack Onto Chair:

Place two round, cam locks on back of battery into square openings of mounting bracket. Once in place, slide battery down until cam locks engage.

Manufacturer Winco
  • Product Type: Surgical Stretcher-chair
  • Seat Height: 24.3" (Low) - 32" (High)
  • Back Height: 33.75" (85.73 cm)
  • Side Rail Height, Up (seat pan to rail top): 13.5"
  • Overall Chair Height: 56" (Low) - 64" (High)
  • Seat Width: 24"
  • Overall Width (rails up): 30"
  • Overall Width (rails down): 24"
  • Patient Surface Length (excludes "F" option): 79"
  • Side Rail Length: 27.6"
  • Backrest Articulation Range: 0° - 75°
  • Headpiece Articulation Range (fully elevated - fully retracted): 30°- 60°
  • Headpiece Adjustment Range (Lowered - Raised): 0.9" - 3.5"
  • Trendelenburg: 5°
  • Wheelbase: 30" (L) x 20" (W)
  • Options: B (Battery)
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 500 lbs

Charging System:

  • Input Volts: 100V - 240V
  • Current: 1.0A (Max)
  • Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ
  • Output: +24V - 1.5A
  • Max Power: 36W
  • Battery: 24V – 4.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid
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