Tuttnauer EZ10K Kwiklave Fully Automatic Medical Sterilizer

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Core Products BRE-6339 Swede-O® Thermal Vent® Heel Rite provides compression to the Plantar Fasciitis and lifts the arch to help deliver immediate tension relief to the plantar fascia. Equipped with a breathable microventilated membrane that captures and retains natural body heat, the Foot Wrap provides effective heat therapy. The soft thermal lining provides a free flow air that allows moist air to escape, keeping the skin ventilated a Swede-O Thermal Heel Supports provide compression and warmth to promote recovery and help reduce swelling pain, and inflammation.

The Tuttnauer EZ10K Fully Automatic Medical Autoclave Sterilizer features a simple one touch design and pre-programmed cycles for: unwrapped instruments, wrapped and packs, glassware and an additional drying cycle. The Tuttnauer EZ10K Fully Automatic Autoclaves fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry at the touch of a button. Shut off at the end of both the sterilization and drying cycles is automatic. In addtion all program parameters can be customized and stored. The Tuttnauer EZ10K also features a replaceable HEPA filter air filter, and a high efficiency air pump that circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle for fast drying.

The Tuttnauer EZ 10K Kwiklave requires a voltage between 220V and 235V for proper operation. When applicable a buck / boost transformer (0.5KVA) may be required.

  • 11-21 min Cycle Time, Unwrapped
  • 6 gal (23L) Volume
  • Fully automatic quick cycle unit
  • Quick cycle mode, reducing the total heat up time
  • Chamber door stay closed during the entire cycle
  • Closed door active drying system to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches
  • 316L grade stainless steel with electro-polish finish
  • Double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized
  • 510k clearance for dental handpieces
  • Drain valve located in the front, allowing for quick and easy draining of water reservoir
  • Audible and visual cycle interruption alert
  • Customize and store program parameters
  • Optional integrated printer for cycle documentation
  • 4 trays
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