Unico G380 Series LED Microscope

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Unico G380-LED Binocular Achromatic Microscope
SKU: CESS-722866-00001
Unico G380SP-LED Binocular Semi-Plan Microscope
SKU: CESS-722866-00007
Unico G380PL-LED Binocular Plan Microscope
SKU: CESS-722866-00008
Unico G380-PH-40 Binocular Achromatic Microscope w/ Brightfield and Phase Objectives
SKU: CESS-722866-00003
MPN: G380-PH-40

The new Unico G380 Series was designed with your viewing comfort in mind.

The standard 10X High Eye-Point eyepieces are engineered to reduce eyestrain for users wearing glasses. Each eye tube features independent focusing diopter adjustment to compensate for the natural vision differential between each eye. The base design adds stability to the body while allowing extra room for hand access to the oversized coarse and fine focus controls and easy access to the coaxial mechanical stage controls.

With use you will come to appreciate the precise mechanical stage movement, optical clarity, flat field and comfortable viewing. A comprehensive manual includes care and maintenance instructions.


  • Available with Monocular, Binocular, Dual View or Trinocular heads. Binocular and Trinocular heads feature Seidentopf optical design with 52 to 75 mm interpupilary distance adjustment. All rotate rotates 360 degrees and lock in-place with a thumbscrew
  • All optics feature the following coatings: Anti-Glare, Color Correction, Anti-Fungal
  • Standard with 10X High-Eyepoint widefield oculars. Standard widefield oculars are also available. FN = 18 mm, optional 20 mm available
  • DIN Standard 4X, 10X, 40XP and 100XR (Oil) objectives. 40X and 100X objectives are "R", or retractable
  • Features a focusable NA 1.25 Abbe condenser with port for optional Simple Phase Contrast Annulus insertion. Focusable for concentrated or diffuse lighting with rack and pinion movement
  • Smooth, extra-large graduated coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with tension adjustment to eliminate stage drift. Adjustable to your personal preferences
  • Built-in graduated mechanical stage with low-position coaxial X-Y controls.
  • LED lighting
  • 110V-60 Hz to 240V-50 Hz, universal power supply. The fuse rating is 250V 1.5A. UL & CSA approved electrical parts
  • 5-year limited warranty, excludes bulb and fuses
  • Plastic dust cover included

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