Wallach 906043-Sp Zoomscope Quantum Series Smart Purchase Package

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The Wallach (906043-Sp) Zoomscope Quantum Series Smart Purchase Package

Wallach's most popular colposcopes are available with a wide variety of features. Nikon stereoscopic optics with continuous variable zoom magnification of 4.5x to 20x make these colposcopes an excellent choice. ZoomScope features a unique overhead suspension system that provides unobstructed access to the operative site. It may also be converted to an operating microscope. ZoomStar offers the same optics on a center post. It is a more compact unit for the budget and space conscious.

These colposcopes offer optional foot pedal power zoom and focus to free both hands. Video capabilities are available. Video ZoomScope/ZoomStar The leader in colposcopic examination is now the leader in detection and documentation. Wallach adds the latest in video technology to the proven Wallach ZoomScope/ZoomStar. Video is excellent for teaching and allows the ability to capture, record and print images as seen on the high definition monitor.

Total Recall Digital Imaging System Designed to provide a system for viewing, documenting and managing colposcopy patients, Total Recall allows for the storing of images, making measurements, tracking history, reviewing past tests and treatments, even sharing information with colleagues by hard copy or digital transfer by email. May be used with almost any colposcope. Hands Free Power Zoom and Power Focus Unique to Wallach, the optional hands-free power zoom and focus allows adjustments in magnification and focus by means of a simple foot pedal. Hands are always free for positioning instruments and completing procedures in a smooth, professional manner without disturbing the patient.

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