Wallach Cryosurgical Tips

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Wolf X-Ray Darkroom Flashlights are ideal for any x-ray darkroom for portable, film-safe lighting to spotlight items or for service technicians working in a darkroom environment. Darkroom Flashlights feature GBX Type filters and are available in two popular models. The Mini Maglite flashlight is 6 in long and features sturdy aluminum construction and a slim design. The Rayovac flashlight is also 6 in long and features heavy duty plastic construction.

  • Compatible with LL1100 and LLCO2 Cryosurgical Systems, and WA1000B Console Systems
  • Reusable
  • Highly conductive and thermal
  • 5 single-use plastic shields included with each tip
  • Shield insulates tip and assures proper attachment
  • Disposable shield means metal tip may be sterilized
  • Sterilized to prevent cross-contamination by autoclave or ETO
  • More than 20 tip options
  • Proudly made in the USA
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