Wallach L250AB ABI System

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Wallach / Summit Doppler L250 ABI System Wallach formerly Summit Doppler has developed one of the most economical ABI units in the market that meets CPT Medicare reimbursement requirements.

Wallach formerly Summit Doppler is a leading manufacturer of quality ultrasound Dopplers with decades of experience. Wallach / Summit offers a complete solution and support for the ABI exam. The LifeDop™ ABI system contains unique features and benefits not found in other ABI systems, saving valuable time and resources when performing the exam. Click on the product brochure to view a PDF containing CPT codes, ICD9 information, blank ABI report form as well as a guide on selecting dopplers.

The LifeDop™ ABI Systems contains many unique features not found in other ABI systems. It contains many features including:

  • 8 MHz Bi-directional Doppler with the same optimal beam shape and sensitivity as our non-directional LifeDop 8 MHz, one of the most advanced probes for audibly identifying tri-phasic flow.
  • Fast Bi-directional waveform printing on a rechargeable battery powered printer. Complete printout takes only 10 seconds compared to over 60 seconds for some competitor’s units.
  • Printer is compact, durable, battery-powered, and easily transportable. Includes belt clip.
  • Special peel and stick label paper saves time when preparing the patient record. No need for cutting and taping. Printed waveform attaches to formatted report form. 
  • Doppler waveform is continually buffered in the LifeDop’s memory during the exam. With a simple button press, the previous four seconds of Doppler waveform is automatically sent to the printer. No need to worry about losing the vessel while printing.
  • Automatic waveform scaling is provided. No need to repeat tests due to “clipped” or tiny waveforms.
  • Calibration is automatic. Unlike some units, there is no need for a “calibration pulse” that wastes time and paper.
  • Paper loading is fast, easy, and error-free.
  • LifeDop display includes a signal bar to indicate flow direction and a battery life indicator.
  • The LifeDop Doppler can be used with or without the printer unit. The buffered waveform is buffered in the LifeDop memory and will automatically print once connection with the printer is established.
  • The LifeDop unit can display a full range of Error Diagnostics including printer status.
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