Wallach L500VA Vista Advanced Vascular System W/ Rolling Stand

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Wallach / Summit Doppler is proud to present a new, physiology-based method for performing the ABI in the seated position.

Performing the ABI in this fashion makes it possible to assess patients with disabilities or mobility impairments who are not able to lay in the supine position. These patients may be physically disabled or wheel chair bound, patients with degenerative disease of the spine or severe back pain, or patients with advanced cardiopulmonary disease and orthopnea.

The Vista AVS calculates ABI values for seated patients by compensating for the effects of gravity on the lower extremity pressures. Clinicians now have the option to perform the ABI exam on their patients at risk using this fast, convenient technique. Currently, there are 8 - 12 million Americans affected by peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.) and this number grows each year. P.A.D. increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and even death for those who have it. Many national health organizations encourage physicians to perform the ABI exam on patients who are at high risk for the disease.

The Vista AVS was designed to make the ABI and other arterial exams faster and easier to conduct, interpret and document. It is a great investment! The diagnosis of P.A.D. is reimbursable under CPT code 93922 an average of $121/exam. Segmental studies and stress tests are reimbursable under CPT codes 93923 and 93924, respectively.


  • Seated ABI - For the first time ever, the ABI exam can be performed while the patient is sitting! This clinically proven method makes it possible to easily assess patients with disabilities or mobility impairments
  • Segmental Software - Now, it is faster and easier to perform segmental studies. Customize the exam by selecting the number and location of arterial sites.
  • PPG Pressures - Obtaining pressures for the supine ABI, TBI and segmental exams can now be performed using the arterial photoplethysmography (PPG) probe
  • Automated cuff inflation/deflation system
  • Graphic waveform display with step-by-step exam instructions
  • Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation
  • Bi-Directional Doppler (8 MHz probe) with 9 blood pressure cuffs
  • Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) modality
  • Software for full-page reporting and exam storage
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