Wallach ZoomScope LED Colposcopes

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Wolf 19109 X-Ray Fluorescent Safelights are perfect for all darkrooms due to the availability in either a green or red filter. Green filtered light is ideal for laser film. The Fluorescent Darkroom Safelight is shipped complete with installation kit and pull chain. The Fluorescent Safelight measures 24 x 3 x 6 inches. Wolf Darkroom Safelights are proudly made in the USA.

Trulight technology incorporates five high intensity, long life light emitting diodes (LEDs) designed around the objective lens on each colposcope. These white solid state LEDs provide light at 5000-6000K and eliminate the need to change lightbulbs. At a precise angle, the lights converge on the target offering ultra-bright, white light for true tissue color, necessary for investigating abnormal tissue. Trulight is a cool LED light source that never radiates heat and eliminates the need for a cooling fan, allowing for a noise-free procedure. The ZoomScope Colposcope also features a green center light that can be turned on for delineation of vascular patterns.

The ZoomScope Colposcope uses stereoscopic Nikon optics with continuous variable zoom magnification from 4.5x to 20x to provide flexibility and precision. The infinitely zooming optics allow precise focus on areas of interest, guaranteeing the largest image at the highest magnification. With the ZoomScope LED Colposcope, it is possible to continuously view at the highest magnification without over or under sizing the viewing field. The Wallach ZoomScope is available with a digital camera and video option allowing high quality images to be integrated into Electronic Medical Record systems.

The ZoomScope is equipped with a unique overhead suspension arm for optimal viewing and unobstructed access of the examination site. The Colposcope's slimmer, lighter, and more maneuverable design makes it ideal for any hospital, specialty care center, and clinic. The ZoomScope LED Colposcope features a stable four or five leg base with special suspension that eliminates adjustment knobs or dials. Each ZoomScope LED Colposcope package includes a dust cover, set of sterilizable han
  • ZoomScope Colposcope with Trulight
  • Overhead suspension arm
  • Set of sterilizable handles
  • Set of sterilizable knob covers for zoom and focus
  • Dust cover
  • 5-leg base with USB video/camera
  • Ergonomic overhead suspension for unobstructed access to operative site
  • Special suspension eliminates adjustment knobs or dials
  • Converts from colposcope to operating microscope in seconds
  • Nikon head and stereoscopic optics
  • High magnification for diagnosis, low power for aid in biopsy or treatment
  • Zoom optical system for correct magnification and field of view at all times
  • Continuous variable magnification from 4.5X to 20X
  • Digital imaging/video system options available
  • USB camera video option allows high quality image integration to EMR systems
  • 35mm camera capability
  • Ideal for all colposcopy procedures
  • 4-leg or 5-leg stable base
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Trulight Lighting System
  • Provides high intensity, long life LED light
  • Brighter, white light converges on target for true tissue color
  • Cool LED light never radiates heat to patients
  • Five solid state, white LEDs designed around objective lens
  • No need to ever change lightbulbs
  • Provides light at 5000K - 6000K
  • Activate green center light at touch of a switch for delineation of vascular patterns
  • Package Includes
  • ZoomScope Colposcope with Trulight
  • Overhead suspension arm
  • Set of sterilizable handles
  • Set of sterilizable knob covers for zoom and focus
  • Dust cover
  • (906043-SP-4) 4-leg base
  • (906043-40TU-5) 5-leg base with USB video/camera
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