Welch Allyn 28600 TM286 AutoTymp Pure Tone and Tympanometry Screener

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Includes: Tympanometry Mode, Reflex Mode, and Audiometry Mode; Audiometry Headset (External), Threshold Audiometry Card, Thermal Printer Paper (3 rolls), Ear-Tip Set (#26100); 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz AC, IEC Plug Type-B.

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The Welch Allyn 28600 TM 286 AutoTymp Pure Tone & Tympanometry Screener provides flexible screening for tympanometry, acoustic reflex measurements and audiometry to meet your testing needs today and in the future.

Designed to make detection and documentation of middle ear pathologies fast and accurate, the TM 286 AutoTymp gives users more screening possibilities and more measurement data, for more complete diagnoses and documentation. The Welch Allyn TM 286 AutoTymp offers tympanometry and ipsilateral acoustic reflex testing, with optional manual audiometry in one convenient, lightweight, and compact design.


  • Provides an easy tympanometric seal via a lightweight, hand-held probe.
  • LEDs on the probe guid the tester though the sequence providing step-by-step accounts of test status, indicating proper ear seal, test mode, and test completion.
  • Test results are displayed as an audiogram on the LCD as they become available.
  • Convenient memory capacity stores up to 12 test results instantly.
  • Printout flexibility allows the user to print individual test results or a complete battery, eliminating the need for note taking.
  • Has a built-in calibration check and optional audiometry and RS-232 port to download patient data into PCs.

Tympanometry: 226 Hz

  • Ear Canal Volume (ECV)
  • Compliance Peak (cm3)
  • Pressure at peak of the tymp (daPa)
  • Gradient (GR) in daPa (width of the tymp)

The tympanograms and the following summary information are clearly shown on the crisp LCD once the test is complete. LEDs on the probe guide the tester through the test sequence. All test results can be printed on the internal printer. The ASHA normal box can be shown as a guide on the display and printouts, if desired. A hand-held probe is provided with versions providing 226 Hz only measurements.


Both manual and automated audiometry are available with the TM 286. During manual audiometry, the operator controls the selection of frequencies, signal format (steady, pulsed and FM), intensity, tone presentation and identification of the hearing threshold values per frequency tested. For automated audiometry, the test protocol is selected in the Program mode and includes frequencies to be tested, signal format, intensity range and scoring rules. Once the test begins, the test sequence is controlled by the TM 286 based upon the operation of the optional hand switch by the person being tested.

Test results are displayed as an audiogram on the LCD as they become available. These results can be printed in a tabular or audiogram format. The standard headset for audiometry is the TDH 39. However, the EAR 3A or 5A insert phones may be added as an option. It is possible to store the calibration values for both the TDH and insert phones so that a button press selects the transducer and its calibration.

Tymp and Reflex:

Ipsilateral reflex measurements may be performed along with 226 Hz tympanometry. The frequencies available are 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz. All reflex results may be displayed and printed as:

  • Reflex tracings and dB HL values
  • dB HL values only
  • Yes/No response

Any combination of ipsi reflex measurements up to a maximum of four frequencies may be selected.

Memory, Printing and Data Transfer:

A maximum of 12 test results can be stored in the TM 286 memory for review and selection for printout.

A built-in printer is available; it provides the ability to obtain hard copies of all test results. Alternatively, the test results can be sent to an optional external printer via the built-in USB port. An external inkjet printer which recognizes the PCL3 or PCL3GUI language format can be selected.

Test results may also be transferred to an external computer for data storage via the second built-in USB port.

Model 28600
Manufacturer Welch Allyn
Unit of Measure (UOM) Each
Shipping Method Ground
Product Condition New
Dimensions 4.7" (L) x 12.5" (W) x 14.5" (H)
Special Order No
Country of Origin United States Of America
Autoclavable No
Gov Sale Only No


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