Welch Allyn 719-3 3.5V Premium Lithium Ion Plus USB Rechargeable Power Handle, Compatible with Universal Desk Charger

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Features include: 3.5 volt power source, cycoloy resin casing material, 5.5 hours working time, low battery indicator.

Lightweight and durable, the welch allyn 3.5 v lithium-ion plus usb rechargeable handle is an effective device used by healthcare professionals as a power source for diagnostic instrument heads. It comes with lithium ion technology that powers any of welch allyn's 3.5 v diagnostic tools, such as ophthalmoscope and otoscope heads, for up to 5.5 hours.

This premium lithium-ion plus handle is made from heavy-duty, sturdy cycoloy engineering resin, and has an adjustable rheostat for brightness adjustment, making it a high-quality tool for your everyday clinical practice. It comes with a type-c usb charger, with a quick charge time of 90 minutes (0%-75%), and can also be charged on the welch allyn universal desk charger.

This power handle has a light indicator which signals its battery condition, and can be used for approximately 660 30-second exams in a clinic or hospital set-up. It complies with the mechanical safety, performance, biocompatibility, and all the necessary standards for a safe and efficient use of the device. This improved power handle provides a longer and more reliable working time for the clinician.


  • Low-battery indicator
  • Fits all welch allyn 3.5 v instrument heads
  • Half the weight of traditional 3.5 v handles
Additional Specifications:
  • Product Type: Rechargeable Handle
  • Handle Length: 5.5"
  • Handle Diameter: 1.2"
  • Casing Material: Cycoloy Resin
  • Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Voltage: 3.5 V
  • On Time: 5.5 Hours
  • For Use With: Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5 V Instrument Heads
  • Charge Type: USB Type-C, Universal Desk Charger
  • Weight: 0.31 lbs
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