Welch Allyn FlexiPort Disposable, One-Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs

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Longlasting, easy to use, and affordable, Welch Allyn cuffs are the top choice for hospitals and clinics around the world. FlexiPort blood pressure cuffs are the latest innovation in blood pressure technology from Welch Allyn.

  • Soft disposable cuffs minimize the spread of infection and maximize patient comfort
  • Box of 20 to fit every clinician's needs economically
  • Primary sizes are color-coded to make it easy to find the proper cuff size
SKU MPN Size Style
CESS-91746-00 SOFT-06-1SC Infant Small w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91747-00 SOFT-06-1TP Infant Small w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91748-00 SOFT-06-1MQ Infant Small w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91749-00 SOFT-06-1HP Infant Small w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91750-00 SOFT-07-1SC Infant w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91751-00 SOFT-07-1TP Infant w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-90168-00 SOFT-07-1MQ Infant w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91752-00 SOFT-07-1HP Infant w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91753-00 SOFT-08-1SC Child Small w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91754-00 SOFT-08-1TP Child Small w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91755-00 SOFT-08-1MQ Child Small w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91756-00 SOFT-08-1HP Child Small w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91757-00 SOFT-09-1SC Child w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91758-00 SOFT-09-1TP Child w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91759-00 SOFT-09-1MQ Child w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91760-00 SOFT-09-1HP Child w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91549-00 SOFT-10-1SC Adult Small w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91761-00 SOFT-10-1TP Adult Small w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-90170-00 SOFT-10-1MQ Adult Small w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91762-00 SOFT-10-1HP Adult Small w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-90171-00 SOFT-11-1SC Adult w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91763-00 SOFT-11-1TP Adult w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91764-00 SOFT-11-1MQ Adult w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91765-00 SOFT-11-1HP Adult w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91548-00 SOFT-11L-1SC Adult Long w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91766-00 SOFT-11L-1TP Adult Long w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91767-00 SOFT-11L-1MQ Adult Long w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91768-00 SOFT-11L-1HP Adult Long w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91547-00 SOFT-12-1SC Adult Large w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91769-00 SOFT-12-1TP Adult Large w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91770-00 SOFT-12-1MQ Adult Large w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91771-00 SOFT-12-1HP Adult Large w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91546-00 SOFT-12L-1SC Adult Large Long w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91772-00 SOFT-12L-1TP Adult Large Long w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91773-00 SOFT-12L-1MQ Adult Large Long w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91774-00 SOFT-12L-1HP Adult Large Long w/ Bayonet Connector
CESS-91545-00 SOFT-13-1SC Thigh w/ Screw Connector
CESS-91775-00 SOFT-13-1TP Thigh w/ Tri-Purpose Connector
CESS-91776-00 SOFT-13-1MQ Thigh w/ Locking Connector
CESS-91777-00 SOFT-13-1HP Thigh w/ Bayonet Connector
Manufacturer Welch Allyn
Shipping Method Ground
Material Soft, latex-free
Special Order No
Warranty 2 Years
Compatible With Welch Allyn Blood Pressure Devices & Accessories
Autoclavable No
Cuff Type FlexiPort disposable
Gov Sale Only No


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