Wolf X-Ray Film Duplicators

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Wolf X-Ray Film Duplicators are available in two sizes to make copies of a variety of radiographic films. The small film duplicator accommodates film up to 6" x 12", the ideal size for dental film. The medium film duplicator accommodates film up to 10" x 12", the ideal size for mammographs and podiatric radiographs.

Film copier operation is easy, simply place the film to be duplicated on the plexiglass screen with a sheet of duplicating film on top, close the cover, and set the exposure time. Film exposure is completed when a red light turns on. Duplicating film can then be developed for a perfectly copied x-ray image.

  • Steel construction
  • Compatible with any brand duplicating film
  • Light indicates completed exposure
  • Accurately duplicate x-ray film
  • Two sizes available
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