Brymill Flat Probes

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Brymill Flat Probes Model # Description Intended Use 205-1 CESS-6881-00 1cm Flat Probe The new Gentle Probe has rounded edges and is great for vascular lesions. All flat probes may be pressed against vascular lesions to deepen the freeze, decrease blood flow, and decrease freeze time. 205-2 CESS-6882-00 2cm Flat Probe 205-2.5 CESS-6883-00 2.5cm Flat Probe 205-3 CESS-6884-00 3cm Flat Probe 205-8 CESS-6886-00 8mm Gentle Probe
Manufacturer Brymill
Shipping Method Ground
Special Order No
Manufacturer Return Policy Non-Returnable
Autoclavable No
Gov Sale Only No
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