Brymill Mini Probes

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Brymill Mini Probes Model # Description Intended Use 214-1 CESS-6860-00 1mm Mini Probe Used to treat eyelid margins, sebaceous hyperplasia, angiomas, lentigines, small flat warts with minimal keratin, trichiasis and lesions near the eyes of in the outer ear canal. They allow excellent visibility and precise control. 214-2 CESS-6861-00 2mm Mini Probe 214-3 CESS-6862-00 3mm Mini Probe 214-4 CESS-6863-00 4mm Mini Probe 214-5 CESS-6864-00 5mm Mini Probe 214-6 CESS-6865-00 6mm Mini Probe 214-SP CESS-6866-00 Sharp Pointed Mini Probe 214-15 CESS-6867-00 1.5 x 3mm Rectangular Mini Probe 214-25 CESS-6868-00 2.5 x 5mm Rectangular Mini Probe  
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