BSN Medical Delta-Lite Fiberglass Conformable Casting Tape

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Features include: Used for primary and secondary casting, provides superior conformability, Weight bearing in approximately 20 minutes.
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BSN Medical Delta-Lite® Conformable Fiberglass Casting Tape combines the rigid strength of fiberglass casting tape with the conformability of polyester casting tape.

Delta-Lite® Conformable features a patented latex-free elastic fabric with multi-directional conformability. This conformability allows the Casting Tape to easily adhere to the body's contours, resulting in a closer, more comfortable fit without tucks, folds, or pressure points.

Molding is vastly improved over traditional fiberglass cast tapes with a special resin formulation. This resin remains smooth and easily manipulated during the reliable 3 minute working time. Any glove may be used during the working process. After just 20 minutes, the cast is weight-bearing.

The end result is a strong, durable, and comfortable-fitting fiberglass cast. The substrate is open-knit, allowing for increased air and vapor ventilation. The fiberglass, along with the secure lamination, lends superior strength, stability and support.

Fiberglass Casting Material is naturally water resistant. With waterproof cast padding, fiberglass casts can become completely waterproof and may be submerged entirely underwater - See related products below. Waterproof padding allows water to drain from the cast in minutes, and body heat can transform the rest into vapor that passes through the cast itself, completely drying within an hour and a half.

BSN Medical Fiberglass Cast Tape is ideal for orthopedic specialists, hospitals, and clinics. Available in a wide range of colors, Delta-Lite® Conformable is sold by the box of 10 individually packaged rolls.


  • Fiberglass fibers lend exceptional strength and rigidity
  • Patented fiberglass and yarn substrate conforms for a comfortable fit
  • Latex free
  • Superior conformability with three-dimensional stretch
  • Elastic fabric
  • No tuck and fold gaps
  • Open knit substrate increases air flow and helps to reduce skin breakdown
  • Reliable 3 minute working time
  • Weight bearing in just 20 minutes
  • Pleasant smooth touch throughout molding time
  • Excellent molding characteristics
  • Secure lamination
  • Water resistant
  • Workable with any glove
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Sold by the box of 10 individually packaged rolls
  • Ideal for primary and secondary casting
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