BSN Medical Dynacast S Fiberglass Splint System

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Features include: Easy stretch padding covers all edges, lightweight and durable construction, saves time; no plaster clean-up, washable material that molds easily for custom fit.
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BSN Medical Dynacast® S Fiberglass Splint System is the most cost-effective splinting system of choice for every phase of immobilization. Its easy-stretch padding covers all edges, while it's roll form eliminates any wasted product. The Splint Material has no wrong side application meaning it could be applied with either side up. The Fiberglass Splint System features a fast set time that is easily molded for a custom fit. The Lightweight Splint System is washable making it comfortable for patients to wear. The Dynacast® is available in multiple sizes and is sold by the roll.


  • No wrong side application
  • Fast set time
  • 7 layers of fiberglass
  • Molds to fit body contours easily
  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Sold by the roll
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