BSN Medical Gypsona Plaster Casting Slabs

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Features include: Convenient dispenser box allows for faster use, creamy texture, strong and durable construction, easily molded and latex free.
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BSN Medical Gypsona® Plaster Casting Slabs are packaged in a convenient dispenser pack, helping reduce application time. The creamy texture of the Gypsona® Plaster of Paris is easily manipulated, allowing for more detailed molds and impressions. The 5-ply bandaging is strong and durable and holds the plaster well. The plaster sets quickly, beginning as soon as 2 - 4 minutes.

Each dispenser pack holds a continuous 65 ft of Plaster Bandaging. The uninterrupted length helps reduce waste, as the bandage may simply be cut at the desired length. The long length is also ideal for body jackets or other casting procedures that require long, continuous lengths of casting.

Gypsona® Plaster Casting Slabs are available in different sizes and are sold by the box.


  • 5-ply gauze
  • Creamy plaster of paris
  • Convenient dispenser box allows for faster use
  • Cut only as much as needed, reducing waste
  • Extra fast set time begins in as soon as 2 - 4 minutes
  • Easily molded
  • Latex free
  • Sold by the box
  • Ideal for body jackets or detailed impressions
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