BSN Medical OCL Plaster Splinting System

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Features include: Plaster encased in open cell foam and flannel, open cell foam provides padding and prevents migration, duoset plaster allows a quick set time.
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BSN Medical OCL® Plaster Splinting System combines foam and flannel for a comfortable and effective splint. The foam is designed for improved air circulation, and comfort which reduces the risk of macerations. The flannel sheds moisture, drastically reducing dry times. The padding is conformable, so no pre-padding is necessary. The DuoSet™ Plaster of Paris is engineered for minimal heat during splint setting. OCL® Plaster Splints are ideal for operating rooms, emergency rooms, cast rooms, and ambulances. OCL® Plaster Splint Rolls are available in a wide range of sizes for virtually any application.

OCL® Plaster Splints are sold by the roll and are available in 11 and 15 plaster layer versions.


  • Foam and flannel
  • Open cell foam prevents splint migration
  • Latex free
  • Improved air circulation
  • Flannel reduces moisture retention
  • DuoSet™ plaster combines a quick set time with minimal heat
  • Reinforced layer
  • Roll form reduces waste
  • No pre-padding needed
  • Available with 11 or 15 layers of plaster for varying strength
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Sold by the roll
  • Ideal for operating rooms, emergency rooms, cast rooms, and ambulances
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