BSN Medical Ortho-Glass Comfort Pre-Cut Splint System

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Features include: Reduced risk of skin maceration, increased air circulation resulting in better, increased patient comfort.
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BSN Medical Ortho-Glass® Comfort Pre-Cut Splint System significantly improves upon synthetic splinting with its unique knit padding and Interlocking Performance (ILP) technology. Pre-Cut Splints are convenient, reducing time spent measuring and cutting the necessary lengths.

The 3D knitted padding is designed for maximum comfort and air flow. With this advanced padding, Ortho-Glass® Comfort Synthetic Splints have increased breathability, allowing air and vapor to pass through. This reduces discomfort and the risk of dangerous skin macerations and other complications.

ILP technology eliminates the need for multi-layered splints by utilizing a single layer of interwoven fabrics. This single layer has the same strength of multiple layers, but completely eliminates the risk of delaminating, greatly increasing durability. This interlocking layer is also much more flexible, able to conform easily to more difficult contours without wrinkling. Radiolucency is increased over fiberglass splints, greatly increasing an x-ray's clarity.

Synthetic Splint Systems are ideal for operating rooms, emergency rooms, casting rooms, and ambulances. BSN Medical Ortho-Glass® Comfort Pre-Cut Splints are sold by the box of 10 splints.


  • Pre-cut for convenience
  • Feature unique 3D knit padding
  • Reduced risk of maceration
  • Increased air circulation
  • No wrong side padding for easy application
  • Taped edge
  • Radiolucent
  • Patented Interlocking Performance technology (ILP) single layer padding
  • Padding conforms easily to bony prominences
  • No risk of delaminating like traditional, multi-layered splints
  • May be safely incinerated
  • Reduces sharp edges
  • Wrinkle-free application
  • Blue foil wrapping
  • Completely waterproof when combined with a water-resistant bandage
  • Available in a wide selection of sizes
  • Sold by the box of 10 pre-cut splints
  • Ideal for operating rooms, emergency rooms, cast rooms, and ambulances
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