BSN Medical Ortho-Glass Splinting System

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Features include: Eliminates risk of delamination, wrinkle-free application, easy stretch padding covers all edges.
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BSN Medical Ortho-Glass® Splinting System features advanced Interlocking Performance (ILP) Technology, completely eliminating the risk of delaminating.

Traditional splint padding has multiple laminated layers to give it strength. While strong, these layers are at risk of delaminating, resulting in more pressure points and reduced durability. ILP technology gives Ortho-Glass® Synthetic Splints superior durability by completely eliminating the need for multiple layers. Instead, a patented design gives just one layer the same strength as several traditional layers. This single layer is more conformable and incapable of delaminating, resulting in a smoother, more durable splint that maintains consistent strength.

For convenience, the padding may be opened to remove the substrate. This allows the substrate to be trimmed separate of the padding, or to be activated without having to submerge the padding in water. Once activated, the substrate may be returned into the padding, which can be resealed before application. Double-sided padding maximized comfort and eliminates the risks of wrong side application.

Ortho-Glass® Synthetic Splinting Systems are packaged in roll form, allowing the practitioner to measure and cut as needed, greatly reducing waste. Roll Form Plaster Splints are ideal for emergency rooms, operating rooms, ambulances, and casting rooms.

Ortho-Glass® Splints come in a wide range of sizes for any splinting need. Ortho-Glass® Synthetic Splint Rolls are individually packaged.


  • Wrinkle-free application
  • Better conformability
  • Eliminates risk of delamination
  • No wrong side application
  • Easy stretch padding covers all edges
  • Roll form eliminates waste
  • Full educational support system - workshops, in-services, manuals, wall-charts, videos

Accessories for the BSN Medical Ortho-Glass Pre-Cut Splint:

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