BSN Medical Orthoflex Elastic Plaster Bandages

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Features include: Bandages are ideal for difficult casting procedures, they conform body contours and bony prominences, product does contain latex rubber.

CAUTION: This product contains latex rubber which may cause an allergic reaction

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BSN Medical Orthoflex® Elastic Plaster Bandages combine the trusted Specialist® Plaster of Paris formula with the conformity of elastic bandages. Easily conforming to difficult body structures and bony prominences, Elastic Plaster of Paris bandages are ideal for difficult casting procedures, such as post-amputation casting.

Specialist® Plaster of Paris is time-tested and reliably consistent. The creamy plaster texture is easily molded and leaves a nice, smooth finish. An early green strength reduces the risk for warping before the cast fully sets. By using this trusted plaster, Orthoflex® ensures an accurate mold.

Orthoflex® Elastic Plaster Bandages are sold by the case.

  • Conforms well to bony prominences
  • Features Specialist® plaster
  • Latex elastic gauze
  • Smooth finish
  • 5 - 8 minute set time
  • Excellent strength
  • High plaster retention
  • High green strength
  • Low heat output during setting
  • Sold by the case
  • Ideal for difficult casting procedures such as post-amputation
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