Pedia Pals Stethoscope ID Tags

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Cincinnati Surgical Swann-Morton KLEEN Sterile Blade Safety Cartridges are designed to provide a safe method of attaching and detaching surgical blades. The Blade Management System comes with a stainless steel surgical blade incased within. A lock prevents the sheathing from accidentally moving during procedures. These Safety Scalpels will fit most size 3 and 4 handles already in circulation. The Kleen Management System is available in a variety of sizes. Each cartridge is marked with a CE mark.

Each Stethoscope Identification Tag measures roughly 2 x 1 in (LxW), depending on the animal shape. A writing area on the back of the Pedia Pals Stethoscope Tags is for personalizing and identifying the stethoscope. Each Pedia Pals Stethoscope Accessory is made from ABS plastic for strength and is entirely latex-free. Stethoscope Tags can be ordered individually or in cases of 50.

  • Three fun designs
  • Fits tubing of standard stethoscopes
  • Includes insert to fit smaller tubing sizes
  • Back of tag has writeable area for ID
  • 2 x 1 in (LxW)
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Latex-free
  • Available individually or in a case of 50
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