BSN Medical Ortho-Glass Comfort Splinting System

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Features include: Reduced risk of skin maceration, increased air circulation resulting in better, increased patient comfort.
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BSN Medical Ortho-Glass® Comfort Splinting System combines strength and durability with unrivaled comfort. Splint rolls are economical, allowing the medical practitioner to measure and cut as needed, drastically reducing waste over pre-cut splints.

3D knit padding sets Ortho-Glass® Comfort Synthetic Splints apart. This advanced padding allows for increased air circulation, reducing skin maceration and increasing patient comfort.

Interlocking Performance (ILP) technology is a major advance in synthetic splinting technology. With a patented interlocking single layer, Ortho-Glass® Synthetic Splint Systems significantly increase flexibility and durability without sacrificing the strength of traditional, multi-layered splinting systems. Multi-layered splints run the risk of wrinkling and delaminating under stress. With ILP Technology, Ortho-Glass® Splinting Systems are also much more radiolucent than multi-layered fiberglass splints, greatly improving the clarity of x-ray images.

Ortho-Glass® Comfort Splinting System are sold by the box, with two rolls in each box.


  • Feature unique 3D knit padding
  • Reduced risk of maceration
  • No wrong side padding for easy application
  • Increased air circulation
  • Roll form reduces waste
  • Taped edge
  • Radiolucent
  • Patented Interlocking Performance technology (ILP) single layer padding
  • Padding conforms easily to bony prominences
  • No risk of delaminating like traditional, multi-layered splints
  • May be safely incinerated
  • Reduces sharp edges
  • Wrinkle-free application
  • Blue foil wrapping
  • Completely waterproof when combined with a water-resistant bandage
  • Available in a wide range of widths for different splinting needs
  • Rolls have 15 ft lengths
  • Sold by the box of 2 individually-packaged rolls
  • Ideal for operating rooms, emergency rooms, cast rooms, and ambulances
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