NorthEast Monitoring DR181, 3 Channel Digital Recorder Kit w/ Memory Card, Pouch & Hook-up Kit

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The NorthEast Monitoring DR181, 3 Channel Digital Recorder Kit w/ Memory Card, Pouch & Hook-up Kit

The DR181 is the latest version of the reliable and popular DR180 series.  The DR181 3CH (3 channel) comes in a 5- or 7-lead configuration. It is designed with the following three goals in mind:

  • ease-of-use for the patient and clinician
  • accuracy of data
  • and durability of the unit.

The DR181 comes with a large LCD with  programmable soft-keys that is easy-to-read and several foreign language options.  Its extra battery capacity makes it perfect for long Holter studies of up to 72 hours.

It performs as well in a small practice as in a large clinic or full service (scanning) provider. Built-in safeguards insure deployment with sufficient battery levels, high-quality lead hook-ups and complete patient ID. The DR181 prevents identification mix-ups by storing Patient ID on removable media. DR181 units may be rapidly re-deployed to the next patient while patient data is analyzed from the removable media.

All units are rugged and built to last. They carry the industry’s best warranty of 3 years, along with optional extensions to 5 or more years.


  • All-digital recording eliminates mechanical malfunctions and makes the DR181+ more reliable than cassette recorders
  • Removable digital memory (compact flash card) allows immediate re-use of the DR181
  • Electronic storage of patient identification number prevents confusion of patient records
  • During hook-up, LCD displays actual ECG on all channels, eliminating the need for an ECG test block.
  • Pacemaker detection is standard
  • LCD displays percent of battery life during hook-up
  • Recorder can display in multiple languages
  • High resolution modes can be selected for pediatric patients
  • Shielded patient cables (significantly reduce electrode artifact) include either 5 or 7 lead electrode option 
  • Interactive Patient Diary


Recording duration:

72 hrs. with lithium batteries, 48 hrs. with alkaline batteries, 24 hrs. with rechargeable battery

Recording bandwidth:

0.05 - 70 Hz


12-bit, 12.50 ìV/LSB

Prefilter sampling rate:

1440 samples/second


12cm x 7cm x 2.5cm (4.7in x 2.7in x 1.0in)


200 grams (7oz), including batteries and memory card


2 AA batteries: alkaline, rechargeable or lithium batteries

Storage Capacity:

32 MB - 2 GB SD flash card

IncludesRemovable Digital Memory (Sd Card)
Warranty3 Years
Kit IncludesDR181 Holter, 3 channel digital recorder, 1 x NEMCA130 (5-lead patient cable) OR 1 x NEMCA131 (7-lead patient cable), 1 x NEMH77 (pouch w/ shoulder and waist strap), 1 x SD memory card, user manual, hook-up guide, hook-up kit
Compatible WithECG
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