MedTest DX SP-4430 SpotChem EZ Analyzer

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MedTEST DX, Inc. SpotChem EZ Analyzer - Spotchem EX Analyzer, AC Adaptor, User Manual & Accessory Starter Kit, CLIA Waived (DROP SHIP ONLY)

SPOTCHEM EZ is a small bench top chemistry analyzer that utilizes dry chemistry technology.Testing is performed on reagent strips with results available within 3 - 15 minutes. The test menu consists of 21 with a throughput is 48 tests per hour. The instrument accepts whole blood samples and is calibrated automatically with the swipe of a magnetic card. At the conclusion of testing, results are available on the SPOTCHEM EZ printer or downloaded via LIS system.

SPOTCHEM EZ is ideally suited for small laboratories and physician offices that desire an easy-to-use analyzer with a small footprint and limited maintenance requirements.


  • REAGENT STRIPS - Up to 8 tests can be measured simultaneously from reagent strips Instrument throughput is 48 tests per hour Reagent test strips are barcoded and can be run in any order
  • INDIVIDUAL SEALED TESTS - Individual dry chemistry strips with 12 - 18 month stability
  • CRMLN CERTIFICATION - HDL and Cholesterol are CRMLN Certified.
  • CALIBRATION IN SECONDS - Magnetic card calibrates the system. Calibration is required once per box of reagent strips.
  • WHOLE BLOOD, SERUM OR PLASMA SAMPLE - Sample volume of 250 μl required
  • ON BOARD CENTRIFUGE - Whole blood sample is centrifuged directly on the analyzer
  • MINIMAL WASTE - Discarded tips are contained in the tip waste case
  • MINIMAL MAINTENANCE - 1 minute per day - only requirement is to wipe down the reagent tray
  • INTERNAL COMPUTER - Capable of storing up to 100 events of testing
  • INTEGRAL PRINTER - Test results available by built-in printer
  • SMALL COMPACT FOOTPRINT - Instrument measurements are Width 13.5” x Depth 8” x Height 6.5”. Ideal for a small laboratory or physician office.
  • MOBILE - Lightweight instrument is easily transportable from location to location. Instrument warm up time is 10 minutes and there is no water requirement.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Installation takes place in minutes.
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