CME is a leader in providing healthcare equipment and surgical instruments to a wide array of healthcare facilities. We also offer our equipment sales and services internationally to customers worldwide. With an expanded product line of more than 2 million medical products from over 2,000 manufacturers, we offer a competitive price to all of our customers. Take a moment to search through our large offering of products. International inquiries can be made through the contact form on this page. For a quick response, please meet our requested international inquiry requirements.

Contact us at export@cmecorp.com for questions or if you would like more information.



International Inquiry Requirements

Specific catalog or product numbers for each item

Quantity required of each item

Shipping address with country and postal code

Contact information including name, phone, fax, email

International Payment and Ordering Policies

$1,000 minimum for all export orders We only accept bank wire transfers in advance for export orders.

US shipping destinations are usually free to the freight forwarder of your choice. International shipments will be subject to shipping charges.

You will receive banking information required to wire transfer the funds in full plus any applicable fees once your order is placed.

Once the wire transfer is complete, your order will be processed and a confirmation will be emailed or faxed to you.

biomedical services

Export Sales Contact Info

Please contact us for more information

Email: export@cmecorp.com

Phone: 401-732-9150 option 1

Fax: 401-732-9507

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