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The EarPopper® Ear Pressure Relief Device - Professional

Note: This is an FDA approved product - the 510K #K073401. The Professional Verison EarPopper®  is only available to doctors and the Home Version is available with a doctor's prescription.

Click here to see the home version of the EarPopper®.

EarPopper® (ear pressure relief device) Clear your ears so you can hear!
The Professional Version EarPopper® is only available to doctors. Patients, if you are interested in a home version please have your physician fill out the downloadable prescription form (See Brochure).

Insurance Reimbursement: The patient is responsible for purchasing the EarPopper®. Claflin will not bill your insurance provider. It is then up to the patient to verify coverage by an insurer and to submit any insurance claims on their own.  Coverage depends on the individual patient's policy.
The EarPopper is a safe, simple, non-surgical, non-drug related prescription device for treating such common conditions as Otitis Media with Effusion, Aerotitis/Barotitis (caused by rapid elevation changes), and Eustachain Tube Dysfunction in children and adults.

Ideal for children and adults.
The EarPopper is designed for people who suffer from ear problems caused by colds, allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis and elevation changes (for example, air travel or scuba diving). The EarPopper clears the ear naturally with air – it’s that easy!

No drugs. No surgeries.
Now you can get instant relief from common ear problems and restore your hearing with the EarPopper. This easy-to-use prescription device is the safe, simple way to get rid of fluid or pressure build-up in your middle ear. Treatment can be performed in your doctor’s office and at home.

Restores Hearing in 85% of Patients.
[1] In a four year study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, 85% of children diagnosed with hearing loss from persistent Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) who where treated with the EarPopper® regained their hearing. The EarPopper® restored their hearing to normal without antibiotics or vent tubes.
[1] ‘Nonsurgical home treatment of middle ear effusion and associated hearing loss of children. Part I: Clinical trial’ ENT JOURNAL Sept. 2005. ‘Nonsurgical home treatment of middle ear effusion and associated hearing loss in children. Part II: Validation study’ ENT JOURNAL Oct. 2005.

How does the EarPopper Work?
Based on the Politzer Maneuver, the EarPopper® delivers a safe, constant, regulated stream of air into the nasal cavity. During the moment of swallowing the air is diverted up the Eustachian tube clearing and ventilating the middle ear. The EarPopper relieves negative ear pressure and allows any accumulated fluids to drain.

Physician Instructions
Treatment always begins in the physician’s office with the EP-3000 Office Version (CPT code 69401). Some situational conditions can be treated successfully in the office and may only require one or two treatments.

Conditions that require a prescription* for extended treatment:

  • OME
  • Serous Otitis Media
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Frequent airline travelers, scuba diving, etc.

The conditions above require a prescription be written for the patient for the EP-2000 Home Version with specific treatment recommendations given by the physician based on the condition being treated. The physician should always administer the first treatment in the office to ensure efficacy and to demonstrate proper use so the patient feels comfortable using their EarPopper at home and to ensure treatment compliancy.

Using the EarPopper®: It's as quick as a swallow! (Always refer to instruction manual for proper use and care.)

  1. Hold nosepiece firmly against nostril (creating a good seal is crucial). Press other nostril closed with finger.
  2. Press button to begin airflow.
  3. After 2-3 seconds of air flow, swallow with mouth closed while the motor is running. (Hint: holding a small amount of liquid in mouth prior to procedure may aid in swallowing.)
  4. Repeat procedure for other nostril.
  5. Wait 5 minutes then repeat steps 1 – 4.

One good indication that the procedure has been carried out successfully is to listen for a pitch change in the sound of the motor while swallowing. This is due to a temporary slowing of the motor due to back-pressure. You can experience this sound by plugging the hole with your finger while the device is running. This is the same sound you should hear when you swallow. If you don’t hear the pitch of the motor change, you may not have a good seal with the nostril or the patient’s mouth may be open.

NOTE: If the patient does not feel any change in the ear, repeat the procedure making sure the EarPopper® remains firmly against the nostril, while the patient swallows with mouth closed.

Clinical Studies:

Nonsurgical home treatment of middle ear effusion and associated hearing loss in children. Part I: Clinical trial and Part II:Validation study (PDF)
ENT-Ear, Nose & Throat Journal • September 2005 • Volume 84, Number 9

Treatment of otitis media with effusion based on politzerization with an automated device (PDF)
ENT-Ear, Nose & Throat Journal • April 2000 • Volume 79, No. 4

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MFG # EP-3000

Includes 10 disposable tips and 1 9-volt battery
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MFG # EP-1000

Disposable Tips
Non-sterile, Single Use
50 Per Box

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Includes10 disposable tips, 9-volt battery
ComplianceFDA Approved
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