BR Surgical D-SHAFT Disposable Shaft Endoscopic Instruments

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Core Products AKL-6371 Swede-O® Versi-Splint™ is perfect for medial and laterial ankle stabilization, providing a combination of cold therapy and compression that's ideal for relieving pain and swelling. The upper bladder contains air and the lower bladder contains gel, offering both compression and cold therapy. Swede-O® Versi-Splint™ Ankle Supports are made of a durable vinyl material and are double sealed to prevent leaks. Equipped with a lightweight, contoured, and rigid shell, the Ankle Brace provides excellent support. Core Products Ankle Support can be used on either the left or right ankle. Core Products Swede-O® Versi-Splint™s are proudly made in the USA.

D-SHAFT Reusable Carbon Fiber Laparoscopic Handles are lightweight, durable, and include industry-leading features like an HF port, ergonomic finger tang, and full 360 degree rotation. Laparoscopic Handles are available in ratchet and non-ratchet styles.

D-SHAFT Disposable Shaft/Insert Assemblies attach to the handle with a ball-and-socket connection. D-SHAFT assemblies are compatible with 5mm trocars and are available in 330mm and 450mm working lengths. Shaft/Insert Assemblies are available in common styles including Metzenbaum Scissors, Maryland Forceps, and Wave Grasping Forceps, all sold in boxes of 10.

  • Maximum articulation with 360 degree rotation
  • Finger tang handle
  • High flow suction port
  • Available with or without ratchet
  • Compatible with a large variety of jaws including double-action scissors, graspers, and forceps
  • Completely reusable
  • Laparoscopic Single-Use Insert and Shaft
  • All parts with imminent exposure to the patient are single-use
  • All dangers associated with degradation of insulating material is reduced and reliable performance ensured
  • Easy assembly/disassembly due to ball-and-socket connection between sheath and handle
  • Curved design
  • 5mm diameter
  • 330mm or 450mm working length
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